Group organization and pi project planning

—  Your group has been assigned to handle performance improvement activities for a three-month period (while the permanent PI director position is being filled) for hospital D. Hospital D is part of Western Healthcare system. You are presented with a few issues and reports showing HIM department performance as well as some clinical and patient satisfaction data.   


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Group organization and pi project planning
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  1. Each group member writes a brief summary of one group member to assure that members know a little abut about each-other. There should be 1 summary for each. Summaries need to highlight some characteristics of the individual, such as background (work, education), skills, personality, and time when they do course work. (10 points)
  2. Select group leader. The other two members may alternate the roles of facilitator and record-keeper. Explain very briefly (1-2 sentences) the rationale for assigning the roles. (5 points)
  3. Create the group charter. Charter should include: goals, values, ground rules, and problem-solving aspects. (20 points)
  4. Establish a process for documentation of group work/progress, such as space (where you will document), timing (when you will document), responsibility (who will take notes and document). Documentation will focus on any meetings that happen outside the Canvas platform, who participated, what was discussed, and decisions were made (if any), what tasks were assigned and to whom.  Group members should document everything in the canvas Group area. (5 points)
  5. Create a tentative project plan, including the project timeline, activities, completion plan. Determine which project management you will use to create the project plan: Gantt chart or Pert chart. Consider prioritizing activities based on the due dates and any interdependence. You may modify the plan later in the semester, depending on the overall progress and review with the instructor. (30 points)
  6. A percentage of the overall score may be subtracted for lack of individual participation in the group deliverable. Observations of individual contributions rely heavily on documentation and peer comments. 


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