Group powerpoint residency – day 2 residency assignment


Now that you have had the opportunity to review various Cyber Attack Scenarios, it is now your turn to create one.  As a Group you will identify a Scenario plagued with Cyber Threats.  Each team will then be required to create a Threat Model (Logic Diagram) with various options.  Selections will result in another option. 

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Group powerpoint residency – day 2 residency assignment
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Below are some examples of possible Threat Modeling activities.

Each team will be required to present their Threat Model via Powerpoint and present to the class on Day 3.  Each member of the team will be required to submit a copy of their teams powerpoint. 

Subject :  Spring 2020 – Emerging Threats & Countermeas (ITS-834-25) – Full Term

Documentation : 

Example :

1. Targeted Attack: The Game

2.  Cybersecurity Lab

3. Cyber Awareness Challenge

4. Keep Tradition Secure

What you need to do:

Write one page abstract


DO one page PPT


Write 2 pages main paper for this two topics( Library users and librarian & User credentials )

Draw a diagram if possible


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