Ha 425 operational analysis and quality improvement

75 words as response and if in text cite use reference

 Sergio Christensen 

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Ha 425 operational analysis and quality improvement
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To me, understanding the evolution of quality in healthcare is important because it provides somewhat of an understanding of where it is headed. This is important for several reasons; one is that it is difficult to know where we are headed without knowing where we have been. Quality and practices that where cutting-edge and widely accepted before are now outdated and even dangerous due to unforeseen side effects or consequences. Another reason of why it is important pertains to The Oath of Maimonides, an oath for physicians written in the 12th century that requests of physicians to continually improve their understanding of medicine and medical practices (Warrier and McGillen,2011). These two reasons provide both moral and ethical motivation to understand the evolution of quality in healthcare. Additionally, a legal reason to understand this concept is that certain organizations such as OSHA enforce these changes and failure to comply can result in severe legal repercussions.


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