Ha 510 discussion unit 5

Using those references 


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Ha 510 discussion unit 5
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Inside Organizational Development for Health Care

JCAHO. Retrieved from



The American Society For Quality:

http://www.asq.org/learn-about-quality/six- sigma/overview/overview.html

on at least 150 words answer the following:


Committees can either hinder or help an organization’s quest for optimum performance, partially dependent upon the leadership of managers of an organization. This week, you will assess a case scenario and describe aspects of a committee.

You are the CEO of a small, but growing, home health agency. You have decided to set up a Department Efficiency Review Committee. Briefly describe the following characteristics:

  • Purpose
  • Function
  • Selection process for members and how long a committee member will serve
  • What actions will be taken as a result of committee decisions? Discussion

Discuss the need for committees and how we should select its members.



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