Hcm 460 health service research

Step 1– Area of Interest in Healthcare: I picked ADHD as my topic in step which i already submitted. I only need help with step 2 below.

Step 2 Submit Research concept map and research question

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Please answer the following question to your research interest in your post in Step 1:

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Hcm 460 health service research
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Use the information and guidance on this website https://fgcu.libguides.com/healthadmin/research (Links to an external site.) to complete these steps:

  1. Create and upload a concept map for your research interest/topic (These include but not limited to factors that can cause the health the population affected, outcomes, treatment if it’s a health condition)  Instructions on how to use MS Word to create a concept map is here https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-make-a-concept-map-in-microsoft-word (Links to an external site.)
  2. Watch the “How to choose a manageable research topic” video on the site.
  3. Make sure your question includes the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, or HOW of the interest/topic.
  4. Read the “Narrowing your topic” section to refine your topic. 
  5. Submit your research question.


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