He5 | Education homework help

1.  Please identify an institution that falls into one of the categories detailed in this week’s lecture and provide the pertinent background information of the college or university that establishes it within the category.

2.  Explain how this descriptive category is evident in the institution’s mission, vision, values, and operations; and how it impacts the student experience (for good or bad)

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He5 | Education homework help
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Types of Higher Education Institutions

Liberal Arts Colleges – History of Liberal Arts Colleges, Characteristics of Liberal Arts Colleges


Research Universities – Faculty and Students, Beyond Academics, The History of the Research University, Classifying and Ranking Research Universities


Tribal Colleges and Universities – Students and Faculty, Institutional Types, Accreditation and Funding


Single-Sex institutions – Historical Contribution, Characteristics of Contemporary Women’s Colleges, Contemporary Importance of Women’s Colleges


Colleges and Universities with Religious Affiliations – Characteristics, Relationships, Leadership and Control, Issues for the Future


Community Colleges – The History of Community Colleges, The junior college and the research university., The Community College Mission



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