Health and administration paper | Applied Sciences homework help


The paper has to be about 

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Health and administration paper | Applied Sciences homework help
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My career in healthcare administration and link it to Human Resources.

“ I want to be an EMS emergency medical services director 


– 5-7 pages, at least two scholarly sources, APA format, 1 inch margin, 12 new time Roman, page numbers and double spaced.


-Introduction 1/2 page

-Research and analysis 3 1/2-4 pages

-Personal assessment and implications 1/2 page

– conclusion 1/2 pages


Please follow the instructions in the attached file


Each student will search a Human Resource topic as it relates to health care and write 5-7 pages paper.

The paper will review the basic concepts of the topic and discuss how the concepts could be incorporated into a healthcare administration position.

The paper should not be just an overview of the topic, it should be also include a critical analysis of the information and how the individual would incorporate the information into their future Health Administration or Public Health career


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