Health and wellness | ph 1500 | California State University, Los Angeles



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Health and wellness | ph 1500 | California State University, Los Angeles
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2. Assess a health issue or topic within your community, school, worksite, home, or a combination of multiple environments using photos to tell the story

  • Issues/Topics to investigate:
    • Availability/Access to tobacco products, e-cigarettes, marijuana
    • Opportunities to be physically active
    • Parks/green space
    • Access to reproductive health services, other medical services
    • Health messaging
    • Availability/access to alcohol
    • A day in the life of a child, senior, a person with a disability or chronic condition
    • Active transportation (opportunities to walk, bike, use public transit)
    • Community appearance
    • Health-promoting or inhibiting work environments
    • Community Resources
    • Homelessness
    • Availability/access of fast food,
    • Availability/access to healthy foods

3. Photos/Pictures must be your own original work. Photos/Pictures taken from the internet will not receive credit.

Submission Format


  • Slide 1: Title Slide
  • Slide 2: Description slide– Include the topic you will cover, the city where your assessment took place, 2-3 sentences that describe why you chose to investigate this issue within your community, workplace, school, home, or combination of environments
  • Slide 3: Justify slide– Justify your selection of this topic by citing at least 3 references (1 website and 2 journal articles). Include the following information in your justification:
    • Relevant statistics- how widespread is this issue, trends over time, others you feel make the case for investigating this issue
    • Disparities related to this issue
    • Impacts of this issue
  • Slides 4-8: At least 5 photos plus a short description of each photo in the body of each slide
  • Slide 9: 3-4 sentence conclusion on your findings
  • Slide 10: references

You must follow the APA Style rules for writing and formatting your in-text citations and reference list. 


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