Health care compliance project – implement written policies

How are things going at Green Tree Hospital? Remember, you are the new director and compliance officer for the pharmacy department. So far, you have conducted a review of some literature to glean details of what to put in a compliance program.

This week you write a report related to the first element in OIG’s list of seven recommended elements for a compliance program – putting policies into writing! It will help to review OIG-recommended areas of written policy in this week’s section OIG Written Policies and Procedures Summary.

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Health care compliance project – implement written policies
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As you look at OIG recommended policy areas, you can’t help notice that documentation and financial management policies are stressed. (Medicare sanctions, billing policies, unbundling, and so on).

Begin planning your program to develop written policies in these recommended areas by getting a feel for some of the documentation and financial management policies or other pharmacy guidelines that govern the dispensing of prescription medications to patients. Search for “prescription medication” or “pharmacy laws” in the following websites.

  1. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration from your list of regulatory bodies studied earlier:
  2. The U.S. Pharmacist website:

Based on your own reading and research this week, write a 3-5 page report explaining to your pharmacy staff at Green Tree Hospital why written compliance policies in the areas of financial management and documentation in pharmacy are so important. In your report, you will want to mention such things as: (1) how financial polices might protect against fraud; (2) the benefits of documentation in dispensing prescription medications to patients; and (3) incentives for employees to support written compliance policies in the areas under review. Be sure to refer to your research in your report. Also, add a page of References at the end where you list in APA format at least four research resources.


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