Health care finances/health care payment system

Health care organizations manage cost and cost-finding methodology plays the pivotal role in determining their viability and survival. Many changes have taken place over the past eight to ten years in how health care providers are compensated for their services and products.

Describe the payment systems as they have evolved over the past 80 years. Show how theses changes have benefited the providers for health care, and how it has placed a greater portion of risk on the portion of risk on the providers versus the payors.

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Health care finances/health care payment system
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Make a brief reference to the evolution of payment approaches and systems in health care. However, such a reference to the past, should serve only to indicate how past practices have been expanded to define the present payment approaches.

Explain the effect and reason for “co-payments” and other patient payment responsibilities.

Give your understanding of the positives and negatives of Managed Care and Risk sharing and the impact of these factors on providers and patients.

Explain how management care has impacted providers and patients, in regard to access to and payment for services.


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