Health determinants in mental health

In this assignment you will investigate the impacts of health determinants in the detection and treatment of mental health disorders.

Step 1

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Health determinants in mental health
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Research and evaluate the evidence of how health determinants impact mental health disorders. It is acceptable to confine your search to one disorder, or to consider mental health disorders in entirety. Gather data regarding detection, treatment, and  health outcomes for the disorder.

Step 2

Write a three to four-page paper to include:

  • Introduction
  • Health determinants and detection of mental health disorder(s)
  • Health determinants and treatment of mental health disorder(s)
  • Synthesis of practical recommendations
    • Discussion of 1-2 interventions  in the literature related to health determinants that could be effective in reducing disparities in health outcomes in mental health disorders
  • Conclusion

Cite all references in APA format


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