Health environment issues ( no plagiarism )

You have learned about the various environmental issues, including physical, chemical and biological agents that impact our health.


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Health environment issues ( no plagiarism )
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Based on your understanding of the environmental issues, create a 4- page Microsoft Word document that includes the answers to the following questions:


Examine the regulatory agencies related to your chosen environmental agent? What is the role of these agencies?Discuss the environmental standards related to your chosen agent? How will these standards decrease the hazards in your local community?Analyze the factors (such as physical, cognitive, behavioral, financial, and emotional) that can influence your chosen environmental issue. Describe the impact of your chosen environmental issue on a diverse population. Support using examples.Evaluate the ways in which the environmental issue will impact the involved staff. Also, discuss how different staff will be involved to deal with the issue.


Support your responses with reasoning and examples.


Cite any sources in APA format.



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