Health financial management questions | Business & Finance homework help

Answer the first question in each chapter (1 thru 5).  In answering the questions, students must first provide the question and state rational, including which page and what logical deductions were made to arrive at the response to the question chosen. Each question is worth 10 points and the specific rubric would be: 2 points for stating the question, 2 points for clarity in rationalizing answer, 4 points for logical articulation of answer – including connecting language, as well as good grammar and spelling in crafting response, 2 points for use of extra APA style references and usage ( in-text) in answer.


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Health financial management questions | Business & Finance homework help
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Chpt. 6  Does your organization use responsibility centers?


Chpt. 6  If so, do you believe the responsibility centers operate properly?  Would you make changes? Why


Chpt. 7  Have you encountered break-even analysis in your work?


Chpt. 7   How do you think you would break-even analysis?


Chpt. 5 Have you ever worked with cost centers in your duties?  If so how have you been exposed to them?

*****Please make sure each part of the instructions in “RED” is done


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