Healthcare outline | Law homework help

Define the outline for an employee legal handbook.

  • Be well written and organized, using professional themes and transitions
  • Be six to eight double-spaced pages in length, not including the title page
  • APA Format
  • Defined organization is attached


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Healthcare outline | Law homework help
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I.                   Legal Principles

II.                Healthcare Rights

III.             Credentialing/ Scope of Practice

IV.             Legal Employment Qualifications

a.       I-9

b.      EEOC

V.                HIPAA

VI.             Consent

VII.          Legal Representation

a.       POA

b.      Guardian

VIII.       Abuse Reporting

IX.             Organizational Regulations

a.       Staffing

X.                End of Life

XI.             Federal/State Regulations and Future Implications in Healthcare Law


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