Hi 320 health data unit 2 assignment 1 data protection key assessment


Unit 2 Assignment 1 Data Protection Key Assessment LO #5

Attached Files:

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Hi 320 health data unit 2 assignment 1 data protection key assessment
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Assignment Objectives:

  1. Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree
    1. Domain II. Information Protection:  Access Disclosure Archival Privacy and Security
    2. Subdomain II.B. Data Privacy Confidentiality and Security
    3. Section 3. Collaborate in the design and implementation of risk assessment, contingency planning, and data recovery procedures
    4. Competencies: Health information archival and retrieval systems

Assignment Purpose:

Complete risk assessment, contingency planning, and identify data recovery procedures

Assignment Description:

Step One: You have just been hired as the HIM manager for a skilled nursing facility. While this facility has had a medical records department, the department has been staffed by a rotation of nursing staff and the front office clerical staff. The facility has just hired you as the manager, one coder, and two clerks. The facility has plans of implementing an EHR. You have recently created a Data Integrity and Quality Policy and Procedure. The next task you have been given is to develop a risk assessment, contingency plan, and data recovery procedures

Step Two: Complete the attached Risk Assessment form

Step Three: Create a contingency plan checklist. If the EHR went down, what should the facility do? Have a least 25 items on your checklist.

Step Four: What steps should the facility take to ensure data recovery? Think about a natural disaster happening such as a hurricane or flood, how can the information lost be recovered? What steps should be taken to prevent the loss of data? Create a one-page summary in APA format discussing the steps that should be taken and addressing health information archival and retrieval system.

Step Five: Submit your risk assessment, contingency plan, and summary for grading.


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