Hist 122 dl03: united states history

Americans claim to treasure freedom, fight for freedom, uphold freedom, but what exactly is freedom?


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Hist 122 dl03: united states history
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Using the primary sources provided as the foundation for your argument; write a short paper (750 words) that answers this question: Has the word “freedom” always meant the same thing to all Americans throughout history?


Be sure to back up your thesis with specific evidence from the documents, and use sound reasoning in your arguments. It is also worthwhile to examine each document in its proper context (ie. who is the author? Who are they writing to? What is the time period?) in crafting your answer. I have chosen the documents so that they span many eras and people in US history. You are not required to use all the provided sources, but using only 1 or 2 will not earn you many points.


Be sure to use the Organization and Style Guide when writing your paper. Grading will be as follows:

Content: 80

Organization: 10

Style: 10

Total 100


Content is how much evidence you present, how well you use and interpret it, and how convincing your argument is overall.


Organization is how well you follow the structure in the Organization Guide


Style is how free your paper is of the spelling, formatting, and stylistic errors found on the Style Guide.


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