History help the essay is plageriesed just need someone to re word it



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History help the essay is plageriesed just need someone to re word it
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Economic Or Type Of Economy, Population Change, Transportation

Views often clashed; Labor unions were formed

Their was a gap between the rich and poor

Mainly factory work; Center of industrialization

Workers were in need when there was a rapid growth of the economy; about 15% was foreign born; High Population

Received sources from the west and midwest by rail network

Laws made it hard for African Americans to enjoy the railroad transportation

Social change end to slavery problems with race

Weak economy; cotton gin (cash crops); factories: textile mills, ironworks, and others existed; production remained low

Problems with race; many African Americans left to work in the North and Midwest

Railroads stretched far

Faced riots and discriminatory laws

Immigrants from China arrived looking for work; social clashes arose

Little industrial development provided materials for East; weak economy

Settlement increased natural resources; thinly populated

Rail network; connected distant markets from different regions

Less problems with the government; almost like the west

Social Change

Manufacturers sold reapers to make farmer lives easier; was the national center of meat, timber, and gold;steel and automative industries grew

Obtained Land

Rail Network connected distant markets that sold there sources

the essay above needs to be re worded


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