History of technology in music research paper

My topic will be the History and Development of how Recording Tapes to Streaming Music Changes Our Lives. Basically, it will be about how we enjoyed music from recording tape ages to streaming music service makes better changes in our lives from time to time. I think it would be fun to research and study how we need music as an enjoyable pleasure in our daily lives. From a psychological view to social norms, we cannot live without music. Through the rise of streaming services, each of us has a cell phone with some music in our pocket.


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History of technology in music research paper
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Between 6-8 pages of content (NOT counting Title or Works Cited pages!) 

Title Page (with title, name, course, instructor, and date) 

Title and name printed again on the first page of the actual paper 

Works Cited page (MLA format, with minimum 3 sources—2 print-worthy)

Footnotes OR inline citations (include at least one!) 

Page numbers


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