homeland security & crisis management planning dissussion board



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homeland security & crisis management planning dissussion board
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This Unit’s list of resources includes strategies and procedures that have been designed specifically to facilitate collaboration and information sharing among agencies. In providing detailed and insightful responses for the discussion, you may focus on any of these and consider additional research materials if you like.

Assignment Guidelines

  • In 4–5 paragraphs, address the following:
    • In the military, the term C2 stands for command and control. While the term has meaning both legally and operationally, it is enough to understand that C2 is a function that is conducted and maintained by leaders (usually commanders) who have the authority, responsibility, and capability to direct the actions of subordinate personnel to successfully accomplish a mission. For example, troops in military services clearly know their chains of command.
      • Define in your own words what you believe command and controlconstitutes for a nonmilitary team.
        • Some would argue that this C2 construct might not serve to bring partners together or nurture relationships for the purposes of interagency coordination; do you agree or disagree with this argument? Explain your answer fully.
      • In your own words, describe how command and control are accomplished—or not—in an endeavor (planning, exercising, responding, etc.) that requires multiagency cooperation.
        • Consider specific descriptors within the C2 depiction given above, such as subordinate personnel, control, direct the actions, and so on. Critically analyze this description of C2 or one you find elsewhere (properly cited).
        • In doing so, share here how well or poorly the overarching notion of directing others would work in interagency groups.
      • What type of leadership do you believe is required for groups that are comprised of individuals from various organizations, who recognize their own specific and different chains of command?


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