Homeless male veteran | Nursing homework help


My topic: Homeless Male Veteran:

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Homeless male veteran | Nursing homework help
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Please get a peer-reviewed journal article that uses qualitative Methods for their study.

Please select an article and send me a copy or attached a copy for me. I need it for my professor.

Students will write a two-page critical summary of a peer-reviewed journal article that uses qualitative methods for their study. Select a journal from the social sciences like Human Service Education, a journal of the National Organization for Human Services. Other suggested journals may come from the professions of social work, psychology, sociology, political science, criminal justice, or health care. EBSCO is a good source for choosing social science journals when students do their library research. The journal chosen should contain qualitative research papers on subjects pertaining to Human Services. The students should be able to read an analysis of the data and report on the validity of the report. The critique should include an analysis of the research design, methodology, statistic chosen, ethical issues that may be present, and results of the research. Are the results generalizable to other programs or populations? 


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