Homework 3 | Business & Finance homework help

first homework: 

 Find a podcast you are interested in, listen to it, and write a short message about what you learned that is useful or interesting to you. Include the name of the podcast, (the series name and episode name and/or number). 

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Homework 3 | Business & Finance homework help
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second homework: 


Read this Forbes article about the importance of good messaging:

Answer these questions in complete sentences:

What is the main idea of the article?

In your own words, what are the two main points given about how to make sure your message is appropriate and effective?

third homework:


1.   Define cross functional teams and cross cultural teams.  You will need to search on the Internet .

2.  How are they similar?  How are they different?

3.  If you had to lead a cross functional or cross cultural team what skills or knowledge would you want to develop before you begin? Why do you think those skills would be important for you? (NOTE: This is a personal question, not something you will find in a book or an article.  I am asking you to do a self-analysis and decide what your strengths and weaknesses are before deciding what characteristics you would want to improve.) 


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