Homework assignment #2 astronomy | Education homework help

Instructions:  To the greatest possible extent, answers should be in your own words and should demonstrate an understanding of the concepts involved. (More than just a glossary definition of the terminology is expected). This assignment is worth 25 points (5 points for each question). To receive full credit, this assignment must be uploaded to the corresponding drop box by the due date. An earned grade will be reduced by 5% for each day or part of a day that the assignment is posted late. Papers posted after Wednesday (midnight) of the following week will be assigned a grade of zero.


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Homework assignment #2 astronomy | Education homework help
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Explain some of the advantages of reflecting telescopes over refracting telescopes.

Describe the Doppler Effect and why it is of such tremendous value to astronomers.

Visible light is only one of six bands (or regions) of electromagnetic radiation.  What is the name given to the other five radiation bands used in astronomy?  What can they tell us that visible light alone cannot?

What is Wien’s law? How could you use it to determine the temperature of a star’s surface?  

Why do different elements have different patterns of lines in their spectra?


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