Homework, organizational behavior | Human Resource Management homework help

This is for MBA student 

Students will write a written report on any organization that they wish to study for its organizational behavior and leadership.  The organization may be a for profit corporation listed on a stock exchange,  a smaller for profit corporation non stock exchange listed corporation,  a nonprofit corporation such as a college or hospital or charity,  or a government organization.  The rsport will be at least five single spaced pages and not more than seven single spaced pages.  If you prefer to write your report double spaced,  you may do so by doubling the number of pages.  At least one page should be on each of the questions asked below.  Charts and graphs will not be counted in the pages.  Over length and under length reports will be penalized.  Be sure to answer all four of the questions and please number each question you answer

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Homework, organizational behavior | Human Resource Management homework help
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1.  Briefly discuss the leadership of the CEO of the organization.  What are the strengths and the weaknesses of his or her leadership of the organization? 

2.  Discuss the external environment for the organization at this time.  This discussion will require an analysis of the social,  cultural,  political and legal,  economic,  technological,  physical environmental and competitive forces affecting the organization and the Organizational Behavior consequences of this external environment. 

3.  Prepare a financial analysis of your organization using the most recent financial data you secure from the organization or from the internet.  Compare the financial health of the organization to others in the same field and decide whether the organization is financially viable at this time. 

4.  Develop and write a plan to improve the organizational behavior of this organization.  What can be done to both satisfy the mission of the organization and to expand opportunities for the management and staff of the organization if possible?  What would you recommend to the CEO of this organization as to organizational behavior issues in this organization? 


Each of the four questions above are worth 25 points.  Be sure to answer a four questions with at least one page devoted to each question


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