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Homework6.1 | Education homework help
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Prepare your teaching philosophy in two parts.

  1. Create a one-page list of beliefs that comprise your teaching philosophy. Write statements that address the following:
    • Your beliefs about the purpose of education
    • Your beliefs about the role of a teacher
    • Your beliefs about children that serve as your guiding principles for reaching and teaching every student
    • Your beliefs about the ethical responsibilities of a teacher
    • Your beliefs how teachers make instructional decisions based on the developmental domains of their individual students
    • Your beliefs about your mission to promote positive change as a teacher
    • Review your Strengths Finder results and Discussion 1.
  2. Using the Walden Course Paper template, write a narrative explanation of your teaching philosophy. Include the following points and cite Learning Resources in APA style:
    • Summarize your overall teaching philosophy.
    • Explain each set of beliefs that make up your teaching philosophy.
    • For each set of beliefs, describe specific influences that shape your current thinking.
    • Include your Strengths Finder results and describe how these can make you an effective professional educator.
    • Cite references presented in the resources that most closely align with your thinking.
    • Cite one or more education theorists discussed in the text whose concepts and work have the most influence on your teaching philosophy.
    • Explain how you can use your philosophy statement of beliefs as a “living” document for supporting your reflection and self-assessment as a developing teacher professional.

Assignment is a Word document in two parts: 1-page statement of beliefs and 2 pages explaining your teaching philosophy.


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