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Course Description: This two unit seminar focuses on the law that relates to the education of children with disabilities. It covers the concept of appropriate education, the right to an education in the least restrictive environment, the entitlement to related services, due process rights, and additional central ideas in special education law. In lieu of an exam, students will write a paper (which satisfies the upper division writing requirement) on a topic approved by the professor.


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How long it will take to finish ?
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Please think carefully about the topic you choose. Topics may come from our readings, items generated in the news, recent case decisions, or issues you have encountered in the workplace. The key is to pick a topic about which you would enjoy researching and writing. The goal is to produce a product which is in your voice, and writing of which you can be proud. Topics must be approved by me. Students are encouraged to meet with me to help develop their topic.



Introduce my topic (rights of children in schools) 
– Describe the american law IDEA and what it is
– Describe the saudi arabian law and what it is
 – How IDEA is applied in the united states
 – What impact does it have on students with disabilities 
  –  how the saudi Arabian law is applied in saudi
  – how are children treated in saudi
 – what benefits do they have with this law
Compare both laws
 – how are the two laws similar
 – how are they different
 – which law is better
 – strengths of each law
 – weaknesses of each law
 – how can each law be improved for the future


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