How to play scrabble… process essay

This module you examined exploratory and planning activities for the process essay. Now it’s time to go through the steps to complete those activities. Please note that your assignment this module has two parts – discovery and planning – but they should be submitted together. Read through both parts of the assignment to be sure that you properly submit your assignment.

Be sure to first review the seven suggested essay topics on the Guided Prompts and Forming a Thesis page to help you select your own topic.

Part 1 – Discovery Activity

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How to play scrabble… process essay
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  • Based on the discovery activities in this module, decide which activity you want to use and identify the activity in a Word document.
    • Spend 25-30 minutes generating ideas for your chosen essay topic and type these ideas into your document. At this point, nothing is too narrow or too vague and there is no such thing as too many ideas.
    • After you are finished generating the idea document, review it for spelling, typos, etc. You do not have to worry about full sentences and other mechanics in a discovery activity.

Part 2 – Planning Activity

  • Using one of the suggested activities in this module, complete a planning activity document for your chosen process essay topic.
    • Your planning activity must include a clear main idea, at least three major supporting details, and at least three minor supporting details per major supporting detail.
    • Your final planning activity should be proofed before submission.

Insert a page break between the two activities, and submit it to the drop box as one document.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


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