Hr answers | Human Resource Management homework help

  1. Should employers have the right to read and monitor employee communication, such as e-mails or telephone calls, within the workplace? What employer rights should be taken into consideration when deciding what level of monitoring should occur?
  1. Just as employers have an expectation of their workforce, employees also have a concept of what constitutes a suitable work environment. In many cases, these “rights” go beyond conditions within the workplace, and extend to personal time.  How do organizations achieve a suitable work environment?

  3.  In the presence of catastrophic workplace activities, organizations must sometimes walk a fine line between ensuring business continuation and maintaining sensitivity to employee needs. Consider the following example. Your organization has recently confirmed that incoming mail      was tainted with anthrax. While the organization is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, and 75 percent of the staff returned to work, the remaining 25 percent indicated that they were afraid to return. As the HR manager, how would you handle the                       enforcement of the attendance policy? What could be done to alleviate employee fears? Finally, what would you communicate to those workers who have diligently returned to work?

Communication is the key to achieving balance between maximizing corporate profits and observing employees’ rights to a safe and secure work environment. Technology, especially access to the Internet, has increased the potential for abuse, both by employees who spend company time surfing the Web and by employers who monitor their employees’ Internet and e-mail use. It is the responsibility of HR managers to design and implement effective communication channels.

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Hr answers | Human Resource Management homework help
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  1. List the possible methods and techniques that companies use to foster communication and feedback to and among employees. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  2. As a follow-up, review the companies described in previous course modules (Bank and Associates; Pomodoro, Ltd.; Mother Earth Foods; and CST Publications) and develop a communication plan for one of them. Be sure to defend your suggestions.


1.  Describe one or two areas in which human resource management has benefited from recent innovations. Why is it important for HR professionals to be innovative in their field?

2.  Choose 2 concepts that you feel are important from this class.  Explain how you plan to use them in your current role or a future role (If you can’t use them in your current role). 




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