Hr article critque – 2 page

Using the databases within the CSU Online Library, locate a scholarly, peer

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Hr article critque – 2 page
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reviewed article regarding how an employee’s

compensation can influence his/her behavior on the job. After reading the article you will compose an article critique. Your critique will be at least two pages in length, and in the critique, you will include the following:

The main


of the article

The author’s intended audience

A discussion of what appears

to be valid or invalid in the article


A determination of whether or not you agree with the author’s assertion and an explanation as to why you do or

do not agree

A discussion of whether or not an employe

e’s behavior can be affected by his/her compensation and why you

believe this to be so

Be sure that any citations or references are in proper APA format. Also, be sure to include an APA reference to your



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