Hrm 587 week 6 (tco g 1) discussion (tyco case study)

Week 6 DQ 1

Tyco Case Study (Graded)

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Hrm 587 week 6 (tco g 1) discussion (tyco case study)
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Review the Case Study on the Tyco company which appears in your textbook at the end of Chapter 11, pp. 345-346. After reading the case, let’s start the discussions with these questions. 
1. How did the turnaround team use Gerard and Teurf’s transformation skills (discussed earlier in Chapter 11) to overcome the frustrations of employees? 
2. What were some of the examples given in the case which led you to think those transformational skills were used? 
3. Of the three types of cultural transformation (behavioral, experiential, and attitudinal), which of these types occurred in the Tyco case, and why do you think so? 


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