Hrm problem | Human Resource Management homework help

Each group should identify a problem situation (HR problem) in an organisation they have access to- preferably an organisation where at least one group member works or has worked recently. The focus has to be on an unresolved problem (only one problem).


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Hrm problem | Human Resource Management homework help
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A presentation covering the following points should be prepared:


  • Provide a brief introduction to the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation).


  • Describe the problem, as much as possible in terms of the observable or measurable symptoms it manifests, for example: employee unrest, frequent industrial action, high absenteeism, workplace bullying/harassment, low morale, loss of profit, sabotage etc.


  • The issue/problem should then be considered and analysed in terms of concepts/models/theoriesdrawn from any two topics studied as part of this subject. To give some examples, your group may choose to adopt different negotiation tactics, change the existing recruitment and selection method, or re-design jobs, or arrange special training program and so on. Try to choose the topic that seems to offer the most useful insights into the problem. Topics must be taken from HRM course.


  • Design a change program or set of activities and procedures utilising some aspect or aspects of your analysis (actual action plan). The change program should be intended to solve or improve the situation. Please note you are not merely being asked for a list of recommendations.


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