Hrm558 research in human resource management week 6 final examination

Final Examination

Please provide a detailed and scholarly response to the following questions using the appropriate citations and references. Post a copy of your responses as a word document along with the certificate of originality. You should provide a minimum of 200 words per question and your response should include researched as well as your own reflective perspective on the questions. You should use UoP standards for spelling grammar and citations.

Complete the final examination.

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Hrm558 research in human resource management week 6 final examination
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1. Choose either the t-test or ANOVA and explain how it might be used

to analyze training effectiveness.

2. What are some statistical measures you might use to determine

whether your organization’s retention rates are on par with the industry


3. You are asked to see if there is a difference among trainers in your

organization regarding knowledge outcomes at the end of a training

session. Your organization has three trainers that teach the same class

at different locations. How would you go about collecting and using data

to make this determination?




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