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You are a human service professional who is meeting a Latino family for the first time. The family members include first- and second-generation individuals, some of whom do not speak English. You suspect that at least one of the family members is abusing substances (such as drugs or alcohol), and that domestic violence might be occurring among some of the family members. You are also concerned about the children’s welfare, and you want to ensure that you create the most appropriate care plan possible. To create the care plan, you must first conduct screenings and assessments with the entire family. Utilize the readings, especially Chapter 4 of the text [TIP 57] and Appendix D of Improving Cultural Competence [TIP 59], p. 277, to do the following:

  • Select one screening tool and one assessment tool that you would utilize with this family.
  • Discuss why you would use these tools, and how these tools address the fact that you are working with a Latino family.

{{TIP59}} https://web.archive.org/web/20170830051158/https://store.samhsa.gov/shin/content/SMA14-4849/SMA14-4849.pdf

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Hse 4 dp | English homework help
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{{TIP57}} https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207201/pdf/Bookshelf_NBK207201.pdf


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