Hu300 ethics and morality (***** 375 words + apa format + original +

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Hu300 ethics and morality (***** 375 words + apa format + original +
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In this class you will be submitting Journal entries. These are short, reflective writing responses to selected topics that correspond with the unit. Your journal entry should be a minimum of 200– 250 words, or about half a page, and may be written in the first person. Feel free to write more than 200–250 words; however, the maximum word limit allowed for Journal entries is 500 words.


Journal Topic


This week, the focus is on ethics and morality. Media articles often focus on corrupt business practices or individuals who have committed criminal acts, etc., and cynics may argue that morality is less significant in the 21st Century. What do you think? Identify one element of morality (i.e., altruism, moral relativism, etc.), and explain, in your own words, what this element of morality means to you. Consider the existence of morality in modern society. Is there such a concept as a moral code by which individuals should live?



Respond using the “Journal” tab at the top of the course; include a minimum of 200–250 words in your Journal entry.


HU 300 Ethics and Morality


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