Hum110cl qep assignment: engaging in art:

HUM110CL QEP assignment: Engaging in Art: Are You Talking to Me?


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Hum110cl qep assignment: engaging in art:
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Students must attend or view one of the following: a live concert (either musical or dance), play, art museum, a significant piece of sculpture, and, in 400-800 words, respond to the following topics. (For students who cannot physically attend a live performance or tour an actual art museum they may discuss with their instructor about alternate arts encounters.) Your responses should use proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Any outside sources should be documented using MLA citation style. Each response must answer the topic completely. Students will be graded by the attached rubric.


Purpose: Refers to what the learner is trying to accomplish in the writing being scored. Your thesis statement will reflect this purpose. Your thesis statement will be three-fold. In this writing, not only will you determine why your artist created the work you are writing about, but also, if and how this art work has impact and value to you and finally, if and how this artwork has impact and value to others. Somewhere in your writing, (preferably, somewhere near the beginning) you must state that the purpose of your writing is to determine why you think this artwork was created, or what do you think this artist wanted to accomplish with this creation, how did this artwork affect you, and do you think this art work not only affects you, but other viewers. Your purpose statement does not have to be written in one sentence.


Perspective: Somewhere in this writing you must address your assumptions and alternate points of view. Search for critical reviews of the art work viewed. Do you agree with the published opinions of others? Why or why not? And, if you can’t find a published review or critique of this play, consult with audience members, or fellow museum attendees. In this writing, state whom you polled and what the opinions are, and how you agree or disagree with them. When writing about a play or musical performance, focus your attention on the director or conductor that produced the current work you attended. She or he will be the central artist of this production and the artist to focus on, even though Beethoven or Shakespeare or some other Giant might be the author of the composition or script.


Evidence: In this writing, you must research any information you can find about the artist’s intent and style in creating this artwork. Investigate any on-line or published sources about the artwork you view. Is the creator current, and if so, can you interview the artist? Does the museum or theatre have any information on the central artist? Can you ask the artist or curator or producer why the artist chose to create in such a way?


Analysis: Analysis will require you to consider potential outcomes based on your inspection of your gathered evidence and perspectives. You have inspected your own assumptions and other’s points of views. You have researched the intent of the artist. What kinds of inferences can you make from the components of perspective and evidence? Core Values: Address how this art work affected your feelings and your thinking, and how this experience affects your own personal development. Do you agree with what this artist is trying to communicate to his/her audience? Did this artwork make you think differently? What does this say about your core values?


Decision Making: Is this an artwork of value? Does this artwork convey a message that will be relevant to this and future generations? Is this art work worth viewing or listening to or pondering to you, and to current audience members, and perhaps to future generations of viewers? Your final step in this essay is to make a pronouncement of the worth of this art. This final component should fall at the end of your essay either right before or in your conclusion.


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