Human development through the lifespan outline format

Now that you have chosen a population of interest for your course project, create an outline of the areas of research related to this group. For your chosen population, you will need to assign an age range to help you  analyze their development. For example, if drug addict was chosen, you might include that it is a 25 year old male.

( I picked a 20 year old female drug addict).

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Human development through the lifespan outline format
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Find specific information related to the developmental milestones of someone in this stage of life,  keeping in mind both the age range of the chosen population and the type of challenge they face. Remember to include  physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of development 

This research should be presented in an outline format consisting of a minimum of 1 full page. Include any references used to conduct the research in APA format.


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