Human resource strategies final project – my personal walk with an

Taking a closer look and evaluating how you impact the workplace or community from an HRM perspective, you should consider the following questions: What are my personal HR Assets and Liabilities- A Means for Survival in HRM. 

By this time you should have a strong understanding of how you cam impact the workplace by making some improvements for overall success of your chosen the organization.  This is where you put it all into practice and make a difference.

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Human resource strategies final project – my personal walk with an
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Choose a topic you are passionate about in the world of HRM, based on the lectures as well as research elements.

Write a 1500 word paper and a 25 slide PowerPoint presentation of your Project, using APA (citations, notes, title and reference slide.) 

This is your opportunity to showcase the hard work you have done throughout the course!

Use some of the elements, processes, and tools run across to make is comprehensive in nature. 

Use APA formatting for both paper and PowerPoint presentation.


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