I need help with child development class

Course Description:

This is a broad-based introductory lecture course that surveys child development from a multidisciplinary scientific perspective. Multiple theoretical and practical aspects of development are presented and examined within a multicultural context. Development from birth through emerging adulthood is explored in three primary areas, or domains: physical, cognitive, and social and emotional. This is not a course on parenting or how to properly raise a child, although there is considerable discussion of concepts relevant to this. Instead, the course is concerned primarily with historical and contemporary scientific theory and research on human development from conception through adolescence. This includes specific biological and environmental influences on development, addressing the longstanding debate of whether nature or nurture has the more powerful influence on human development. Additionally, the psychological and sociocultural influences on development will be considered. Finally, diversity issues around children’s identity, language development, inequity, access, and family patterns and practices are explored with an emphasis on identifying and challenging biases.

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I need help with child development class
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**This course is in several Lower Division General Education pathways including Diversity Studies and Great Books and Literature and meets the (E) Lifelong Learning requirement.**



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