I need short answer for these questions. 1. what do you think is the

I need short answer for these questions.

1.      What do you think is the most difficult part of giving peer review on a classmate’s essay? What makes for good feedback?

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I need short answer for these questions. 1. what do you think is the
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2.      How do you check for errors that spell-check misses? What techniques have you successfully used in the past?

3.      Would you prefer that writing teachers focused more on ideas or on proofreading types of mistakes? Why?

4.      Do you think it’s easier or harder to learn from reading to audiences when the topic is humorous? What might one look for in terms of audience reaction when reading other types of work?

5.      From an evolutionary perspective, why does Stafford say there is a lag between the brain signal to hit a key and the actual hitting of the key?

6.      In your own words, why is it easier for other people to catch our writing mistakes?

7.      Name an additional technique(s) that might help you proofread your own paper. Explain your answer.

8.      In terms of your personal writing process, what did you find to be the most useful about this chapter?




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