I need this essay after 4 hours

I need to complete the essay I need to but this story in the essay ” I took design class in CCD school , there is a teacher that when she knew that I’m from Saudi Arabia she beaggin to treat me bad diffrent from my other classmaint . if I did prastion she lugh at me, and when class finsh she tell the class “it’s okay you all go home sara will clean the class ” I’m sara . I want to add this story in the essay the expraince I had when I was in the US .


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I need this essay after 4 hours
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* please make it simple 

* I add anthor essay of “Michael Martinez” example to help you 

* main essay to compelet this essay that biggens “Here I am, a woman from the Middle East, living and going to school in the U.S.”


first page I need eddting and 2 more page need writting 


make it simple and good


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