Identify a problem statement | Education homework help

Identify a Problem Statement

The first step in applying the scientific method is identifying a problem. For this assignment, review the instructional materials for identifying a problem statement and provide a brief (1-page) description of background relating to a particular research problem (or need). An actual problem should be indicated with accompanying evidence.

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Identify a problem statement | Education homework help
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The paper should be organized based on the headings below and should include the following APA headings (Level 2):

-5 pages

-Peer Review between 2015-2020

-12 size font

The Research Problem

This is an area of conflict, concern, or controversy (a gap between what is wanted and what is observed). Include the most relevant reference that supports the claim.

Background and Justification

The evidence from the literature and experience showing the problem exists and the relevance. Include at least two references.


Include a brief discussion that details the area of need in relation to the problem and the deficiency or lack of evidence in the literature.


Discuss who is affected and who benefits.


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