In this research paper, you will combine the research paper topic and

For your first submission toward your Unit VII Research Paper, you will need to choose a contingency theory of leadership that you would like to write about (see Chapter 13). Your choices are the following:  leader-member exchange (LMX)  the normative decision model  the Situational Leadership model  the contingency model  the path-goal theory  other contingency theory that you find from a creditable source Once you have chosen your topic, you will need to submit an outline of your preliminary research with at least two scholarly references. Within your outline, discuss why you chose your topic, possible subtopics for focus (at least two), possible research questions you could investigate, and the relevance of your two scholarly references to your research. Make sure that your topics, research questions, and references provide a description of the model, leader behaviors, follower behaviors, and any other elements of the theory you chose. Your outline should be at least two pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, with appropriate APA style writing. For your second submission toward your Unit VII Research Paper, you will need to submit a draft of your research paper with several components to ensure you are on the right track. Include the following:  an outline of your research and the intended direction of your argument  at least five scholarly resources you have found from the CSU Online Library that contribute to your topic  a brief annotated bibliography of two scholarly resources  an abstract outlining your topic and your subsequent findings This research draft should be double spaced with Times New Roman 12 point font, and use appropriate APA style writing. While there is no minimum requirement for your draft, you should be thorough in your research so your professor (or a colleague) could adequately determine your intended research and the direction you are going with your paper. If you have questions on how to perform an annotated bibliography, use a search engine to determine an effective method for performing this portion of the assignment. There is no “required” or “preferred” method for this course.In this research paper, you will combine the research paper topic and annotative bibliography with the answers to the following bullet points:  How does this theory address organization change?  What are the leader’s behaviors and characteristics? BBA 3651, Leadership 4  What are the follower’s behaviors and characteristics?  What situational characteristics does this theory work in?  Provide two examples of this theory in action. (This can be based on theory or your own experiences.) Your paper should be formatted to APA standards. This includes a title page, an abstract page, and a reference page. Your research paper should include the follow sections:  research paper topic or introduction  annotative bibliography  name of the theory This paper should be a minimum of eight pages in length (excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages). Be sure to include least five scholarly sources from the CSU Online Library in addition to the textbook. 

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In this research paper, you will combine the research paper topic and
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