Information system management mod 5 | Information System Management


Forum Topic (Bitcoin / Blockchain)

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Information system management mod 5 | Information System Management
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Minimum 350 words

Turnitin no more than 10%

The goal of the forum is to apply the understanding of the concepts learned in the module by engaging in discussions and learning from your classmates points of view as well. 

Bitcoin and the enabling blockchain technology are hot topics. The potential of Bitcoin as a virtual currency has been in discussions for sometime now. The objective of this discussion assignment forum is to showcase your understanding of the concept of Bitcoin and the concepts related to information security which we have studied in this module. You may also review the recommended supplementary resources for understanding Bitcoin. Based on your understanding of these concepts answer the following question –

Are Bitcoin transactions susceptible to threats of information security? 

Explain your position with justifications based on the concepts you have learned in this module. 

(Note: References will not be counted in the word count, you can use any format MLA / APA. See the supporting guide on how to add citations in Word document in Module 2 if needed). 


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