Information systems for mgmt | Information Systems homework help

The Group project i posted is the project requirements. It required us to interview someone in the IT industry and we interviewed the group member’s mom Mrs Lori Myers

Here are some descriptions that our group member wrote about her.

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Information systems for mgmt | Information Systems homework help
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Interviewer descriptions:

Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. is a large, public consumer finance company with a focus on vehicle financing and unsecured consumer lending products. Their primary business includes new and used car loans, and auto and cash-back refinance services. These services are provided to consumer through car dealers. The company is currently manages over 2 million customers accounts. Santander Consumer USA was incorporated in 1981 and  is headquartered in Dallas, TX. In 2017, Santander Consumer USA reported 6,665m in revenue and 1,188m in net income and an overall market cap of 5,708,424,640.  Some other competitors in this industry include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Ford Motor Co. 

Mrs. Lori Myers, ____position title____ at Santander Consumer USA, has a extensive background in the IT field with over 30 years of leadership and experience. Mrs. Meyers obtained BS degrees in both computer science and finance at Northern Illinois University. In addition, received a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) IT certification and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Over the course of her career, Mrs. Meyers used her qualifications in both Big 4 and corporate settings. Mrs. Meyers worked for 8 years as an independent consultant for her own company providing IT governance, risk, compliance, audit and project management services.


1.”The Disconnect between IT and Management: Why It Exists and How To Fix It”.

2.”biggest challenge” in IT) for the paper would be to write it on the disconnect between what IT departments accomplish and upper management’s recognition of IT’s work, which is often taken for granted and hard to appreciate without an understanding of IT. There’s multiple degrees of separation that are responsible for why IT isn’t as well understand as it needs to be. We could talk about why this rift exists and what steps can be taken to close it.

this essay should be a general idea of how the interviewer’s opinion towards the disconnection with IT and Management level. ONE PAGE to ONE AND HALF PAGE REQUIRED!!!  

You can listen the record first, then write down your thoughts.


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