Information systems process map | Information Systems homework help

First, write a 3-5 page essay that:  (a). Reflects how Information Systems can positively impact a change work processes in healthcare, and (b). Provide a review the obstacles to implementing this change work process in an organization.   


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Information systems process map | Information Systems homework help
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The second part is for you to do two (2) process maps of a clinical or administrative process found in a healthcare organization.  The first map will show the work process as it currently is.  The second map will show the work process as it would look once you implement the new technology.


I realize some of you do not work in healthcare, so I would like to offer up some suggestions for clinical or administrative processes that you might want to consider for your process mapping.


Documentation:  Paper medical record to the electronic medical record (EMR)

Medication Administration:  Paper medication administration record (MAR) to e-MARs

Coding:  Manual coding of medical record for billing to computerized assisted coding (CAC)

Registration/Admitting:  face-to-face registration process to Registration Kiosks (like they use at airports)

PACS:  PACS to Cloud-based PACS

Surgery:  Robotics



  • APA format including title page, introduction, body, conclusion, reference page.


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