Informative speech discussion | English homework help

The purpose of an informative speech is toinform others. Often, when students pick a topic, the first place they go is Google—where they pull up speech topics that have been done and redone time and again. This isn’t good informative speaking—good informative speaking comes from within. You shouldn’t have to gain a LOT of new knowledge about your chosen topic; you should already have a solid arsenal of information about this topic at your disposal.

In your initial post, you will identify three topics that you think you know more about than most everyone else in the class. You should tell us that topic area (e.g., HIV/AIDS, the impact of divorce on small children, etc.) and also tell us (1) why you care about this topic, and (2) why you think you know more than most (e.g., my father has been diagnosed with HIV; I grew up with divorced parents). Finally, tell us what an informative speech on that topic would look like—what, specifically, would you inform us about? Remember—you should do this for THREE separate topics.

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Informative speech discussion | English homework help
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