Infrared light – origin and uses over the years

Students will complete a Course  Research Paper on a topic of their choice from the material covered in this course. TOPIC: Infrared Light – Origin and Uses over the years

It should be …

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Infrared light – origin and uses over the years
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  • a double spaced, three page paper with one inch margins, 12pt font and name on the top.
  • The report is worth 50 pts. (-10 for shortness of paper/page)
  • References (with whatever format you are comfortable using) should be included at the end of your paper. (-5 for no references)

Please attach using one of the following formats (.doc .pdf or .txt). Include your last name and topic in the file name.

Grading Criteria:

  • Research Paper Must be at least three pages. (-10 per page for shortness of submission). (Add images after writing the 5 pages).  
  • Additional page with References (use reference format you are familiar using) (-5 for no references).
  • Turn in your Research Paper on time. (- 10 points deducted per week for late submissions!!! )
  • Deductions may occur depending on the “Turnitin” (TII) report.

Your paper should be original work. Copying and pasting information from references or other material is not allowed and deductions could occur to your score.


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