Integrated investigation hypothesis | Biology homework help

Integrated Investigation Hypothesis:

On that document, I was to see the following IN PARAGRAPH FORM:

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Integrated investigation hypothesis | Biology homework help
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  1. Three or four sentences introducing your study. Think of this like relating the inspiration for your research.
  2. A testable hypothesis exploring some aspect of your current or near future major or your desired career. You will be actually testing this hypothesis; so, try and think of a realistic one given your current limitations.
  3. One sentence (minimum) of how you plan on actually test this. 
  4. One sentence (minimum) of your prediction of the outcome of your test/experiment.
  5. NO USE OF PERSONAL PRONOUNS. Do not include “I”, “my”, or “me”.


         “With the increase use of technology in education, remote learning and student choice are both real possibilities to improve educational outcomes for students. Historically, students were often given one chance at tests and quizzes; however, computer-facilitated assessments allow for more nuanced grading without adding to an already overstressed teacher workload. This investigation will investigate whether or not computer-facilitated quizzes which students are allowed to take as many times as they choose results in different grades on tests, final exams, and overall course grades. This study will use results from university-level introduction to biology courses’ quizzes comparing average test grades, average final exam scores, and overall course grades between students that took weekly quizzes more than 2 times to those student that took quizzes less than 2 times per week. Assumptions are that students will have higher scores when given the opportunity to repeat quizzes until they feel confident to move on.”


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