Integrated marketing communication & integrated brand promotion

MBA 532 Marketing Communications Strategy

Semester: Intersession 2013

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Integrated marketing communication & integrated brand promotion
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Prepare approximately 1,000 words (of report body) on integrated marketing communications (IMC).  In the essay, students should be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a recent revolution from an IMC perspective to an integrated brand promotion (IBP) perspective.  The distinction between IMC and IBP must be addressed in a written essay report.  The report will include a summary of events and issues related to the IMC program, target audiences, and the analysis of advertising and promotional activities that would impact on buyer behaviour.


The report should clearly identify and explain the following areas of:

  • The IMC and IBP approaches and their purposes.
  • The current events and issues related to the IMC program and its target audiences focusing primarily on a critical analysis of marketing communications activities that influence consumer behaviors and brand recognizability. Give some examples to explain and support in your paper.
  • Make sure your paper is written as you find in other peer reviewed “academic publications” whereby there is:
    • no first person context,
    • your theme or ideas are prevalent, yet
    • all thoughts are supported by factual evidence found in referenced peer reviewed journal articles to support your discussion.





Academic Writing

Overall report writing and structure, the Harvard style, e.g. referencing, quoting, citing format, flow, focus, spelling, grammar, as well as overall look and feel



Understanding of IMC



Understanding of IBP


Comprehension and Demonstration

Understanding of the recent revolution from an IMC perspective to an (IBP) perspective and its impacts on consumer behavior (with relevant examples).


Synthesis of Thought

Student demonstrates the inclusion of their own (new ideas) supported and based on credible peer reviewed research


Rationale and Credible Support

The paper is supported thoroughly by properly researched peer reviewed evidence.





Report Writing Structure



The followings are the key elements of the report:


  • Cover Page (see example on the following page)
  • Summary or Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Body of Report (1,000 words, word count after “Conclusion” section)
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List




**Special Note:          The MBA Program requires the Harvard writing style of referencing for academic work. 


                                    No abbreviation in academic writing (it’s, that’s, ads, …)

                                    Inappropriate referencing and quoting in the report body are not accepted, for instance, anonymous, quoting from websites/webpage, and quoting from lecture notes.  Avoid using direct quoting in your writing when it is not necessary.    



Academic misconduct, including plagiarizing the work of another person, using unauthorized sources of data and information in the report, will be seriously penalized.





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