International relationship questions | Political Science homework help

1- Explain the importance of the treaty of Westphalia for international relations. What significant concepts and principles informed this treaty? What notable changes in international relations did they treaty signal or set in motion? discuss how contemporary international relations might be different (or not) without the treaty of Westphalia, and provide support for your answer.

2- “Realism is not realist” construct an argument that either defends or criticizes this statement. In your response, include a review of realism’s basic assumptions, and offer an interpretation of a current international event that supports your position.

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International relationship questions | Political Science homework help
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3- Using which of the three levels of analysis(individual, state or international system) do you think helps us best understand events in world politics? In presenting your answer, be sure to discuss the cost and benefit of using each level of analysis provide a real-world example to back up your argument.


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