Internship report fall | English homework help


Submit by 19th December 2015

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Internship report fall | English homework help
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Outline for Internship Report

1. First Page

First page should display: Student name and surname, internship start and finish dates, (In case of Students already working, they need to mention date of joining only) number of internship days, type of internship (production, or design and development etc.), company/institution name.

This page should be signed and stamped by the supervisor of the intern student.(desirable)

Otherwise please attach a business card of yourself and your supervisor with the report.


2. A Brief Executive Summary of the Internship (1 page)

A one page summary of the company/institution and a short account of the major activities carried out during the internship/job period.

3. Table of Contents

Contents of the report with page numbers, list of tables, and list of figures.


4. Description of the company/institution (Maximum 4 Pages)

This section should answer the following questions:

4.1. What is the full title of the company/institution? Give a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant web links.

4.2. What is the type of ownership of the company/institution? State the main shareholders and their shares.

4.3. What is the sector that the company/institution operates in? Specify the products and services produced and offered to its customers.

4.4. Who are regarded as the customers of your company/institution (consider the end users, retailers, other manufacturers, employees, etc.)?

4.5. Provide an organization chart of the company, along with information on the number of employees.

4.6. Provide a list of functions performed by the department; you are working in the company

4.7. Write your job description. Cleary mention the department and responsibilities.



5. Problem and solution (Maximum 2 pages)

Write a problem or a situation in the work place in your department or in the organization and how did you approach to solve it. What was the outcome of your approach? What benefits your department or organization had achieved from your solution.


6. An assessment of the internship (Maximum 1 page)

In this section you should answer the following questions

6.1. What skills and qualifications you think that you have gained in this department?

6.2. What kind of responsibilities you have undertaken during the job?

6.3. How do you think the internship/job will influence your future career plans?

6.4. How do you think the internship/job activities that you carried out are correlated with your classroom knowledge? Be specific with your roles and the problem you have solved.


7. Conclusions of the report (1 Page)

This section should include:

A summary of key conclusions derived from the job experience.


8. Appendices and supplementary material (charts, graphs, pictures, computer codes, etc.)

9. References


Rules for writing the internship report:

·         Do not write theoretical excerpts from textbooks! Describe what you exactly did there and what experiences you have gained throughout your training.

·         The internship report should be between 7-10 pages

·         The internship report should be typed written in handwriting, and each page should contain numbers accept the cover page.

·         Your report must use font size 12 and time new roman throughout the report.

·         The internship report should be original, no photocopies are accepted.

·         You can include graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations in your report; however they should not cover more than 1/3 of the page. Larger graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations should be given as an Appendix.

·         You must print your report and also power point  slide and submit to your teacher with a hard cover/spiral bind




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